Why we have been teaching Listening wrongly for decades

Please note: this is the introduction to my latest article on http://www.tes.com (full article, at link below)


Listening is often described as the ‘cinderella skill’, as it is by far the area of language instruction that language teachers neglect the most. The reasons for this neglect are manifold. First and foremost, as much research has shown, listening is the skill MFL teachers understand the least and consequently do not feel confident teaching. Add to this the fact that instructional materials are often uninspiring, poorly designed and usually under-exploited by course-books. To cap it all, possibly as a result of all of the above, many MFL students fail at listening tasks, with serious consequence for their self-efficacy as listeners and their motivation in general.



2 thoughts on “Why we have been teaching Listening wrongly for decades

  1. I would like to inquire about a problem occurring with the language gym verb trainer and I cannot seem to contact you in any way other than this. I am a student using your extremely helpful website but its seems there is a problem in which verb trainer will always mark your answer as wrong even though it is completely correct as I used the cheat sheet to test this. Is there any way you can fix this?

    Thank you for your wonderful website and your time.

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